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DISTINCTIVE DESIGNS GROUP - Silk Plants and Silk Plant Designs

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Silk plants offer a great solution to the burden that goes hand-in-hand with taking care of plants. Everyone knows that plants offer an unmatched beauty and harmony to any environment, which is why Distinctive Designs supplies life-like artificial plants that will add an aesthetic charm to any area they grace.

The most significant advantage of artificial plants is that they can be custom-made to suit any unique requirement. In addition to this, they eliminate problems associated with live plants such as damage to carpets, untidiness, thinning of branches and continual maintenance. As they do not require external service teams, fake plants are less of a security risk than live plants and save water too.

These offer all the beauty and colour of real plants, without the hassle. Owning these stunning life-like plants and trees will give any home or office a welcoming ambience and with pots that add style and character, no place should be without at least some of Distinctive Designs’ visually effective products.

Silk plants are fast becoming a popular alternative to live plants, and this is largely due to their authenticity. 

GREENERFUTURE - Beyond Carbon Neutral

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Unique in that they offer a full service carbon consultancy from carbon footprinting, to carbon offsetting, carbon mitigation and management with an innovative tailor-made service for the hospitality industry. The GreenBedz programme makes it easy and affordable for go greener and beyond carbon neutral to give your business a competitive edge.

JOBURG GREEN MAP - Interactive Green Map

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Explore Joburg's green spaces, nature reserves, organic eateries, farmers markets, recycling drop-offs, sustainable living projects, eco products and other green choices on our ever-growing green map.

MICROS - Enterprise Applications

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Using MICROS enterprise applications significantly contribute to a company’s sustainability, while cutting business expenses. Beyond the obvious reduction of the paper trail, power and supplies used for printing are conserved. Fuel and energy are spared as the need to print and ship reports is eliminated, as real-time business intelligence can be viewed anywhere, anytime, via the internet.

PERFECT PLACES - Green Architecture And Building

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Erwin van der Weerd is a forward-thinking Architect specialising in using organic & alternative building materials to create modular dream homes using only sustainable building solutions to lessen our impact on nature.

PROMETHIUM - Carbon Footprint And Credit Specialists

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Promethium Carbon started in 2003 and focuses on carbon related services including:

  • Carbon Strategies: advising clients on their carbon strategy and how to reposition their business to thrive in a carbon constrained economy.
  • Carbon Footprints: what to include in a credible carbon footprint.
  • Carbon credit projects: management and implementation of carbon credit projects.

Promethium Carbon has experience ranging from wine estates and fruit growers to large listed entities and hotels and has the ability to deliver successful carbon projects.

RENTOKIL - Target-Specific Pest Control

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Rentokil has two products (a cockroach gel and a termidicide) on their Approved Product List which guarantees to be 100% target–specific. They will kill only the intended pest, with no effect on any other animal, insect or the environment. Their Luminos Fly range is also completely green as it emits no harmful gasses and encapsulates the flies in a sticky plastic.

Talborne Organics

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Do you aspire to excellence in your ornamental & edible gardens and lawns?

Talborne Organics is the trusted supplier of Certified Organic Fertilizers, Soil Conditioners and Garden Pest & Disease Solutions for PURE PERFORMANCE!

“The Talborne Organics family is guided by the belief that a Healthy Soil grows healthy Plants, which feed healthy Animals and People, thereby creating a healthy, safe and sustainable Environment for all to enjoy!”


  • VITA Organic Fertilizer 
  • BIOGROW Pest & Disease Control
  • FERTILIS Earthworm Castings

TALUKA - 100% Recycled Goods

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Manufactured from 100% recycled goods; 100% recyclable. No timber used during manufacture or incorporated in material. Zero wastage production policy [full waste recycling]. Strict water recycling policy during manufacturing process. Member of the Green Building council and committed to their objectives.

TALUKA - Recycled Building Materials

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100% recycled materials used and end product 100% recyclable. 90% of water recycled in production process. No natural timber used [reduced deforestation]. Zero wastage [all off cuts and rejects are recycled]. Our sun screens offer a green alternative for thermal management of buildings. Full member of Green Building Council and committed to their goals.