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FEVER-TREE - Natural Insect Repellent

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Fever-Tree offers natural non-toxic options to repel flies and mosquitoes. Keep flies away from food. Offer customers natural alternative to mosquito repellency. Delightfully fragranced and proven by the SABS to be the most effective natural non-toxic fly and mosquito repellent. We offer several fragrances candle options. Electric vaporisers are available in standalone and painted porcelain / ceramic designs.


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Furniture and decor with materials from sustainable sources and made using non toxic, natural products. A network of South African suppliers of eco friendly products and services, specialising in ongoing research and development to facilitate greener lifestyles in homes and environmentally sustainable management and operation of tourism destinations.

RENTOKIL - Target-Specific Pest Control

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Rentokil has two products (a cockroach gel and a termidicide) on their Approved Product List which guarantees to be 100% target–specific. They will kill only the intended pest, with no effect on any other animal, insect or the environment. Their Luminos Fly range is also completely green as it emits no harmful gasses and encapsulates the flies in a sticky plastic.


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The Eco-mist Aerosol Dispensing System is the world’s most advanced electronically controlled Automatic Aerosol Dispenser and selected ozone friendly aerosol products designed to enhance the environment, it’s now available from Sycro Distribution.

These Eco-mist aerosols are non-irritant, environmentally friendly and contain no CFCs. There are now four main product areas, which include insect control, odour neutralisation, fragrance and aromatherapy.

Talborne Organics

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Do you aspire to excellence in your ornamental & edible gardens and lawns?

Talborne Organics is the trusted supplier of Certified Organic Fertilizers, Soil Conditioners and Garden Pest & Disease Solutions for PURE PERFORMANCE!

“The Talborne Organics family is guided by the belief that a Healthy Soil grows healthy Plants, which feed healthy Animals and People, thereby creating a healthy, safe and sustainable Environment for all to enjoy!”


  • VITA Organic Fertilizer 
  • BIOGROW Pest & Disease Control
  • FERTILIS Earthworm Castings